Energy Supplements for Horses

Horses that fatigue easily or are asked to perform demanding work may benefit from an energy supplement.

A lot of horses will simply be ‘good doers’ and may be on a limited ration. Whether they are Native ponies, Draughts or large Warm Bloods, these horses often struggle to sustain work for prolonged periods.

Other horses are difficult to feed for energy due to problems such as gastric upset, feed intolerances or muscular health.  The need to eliminate grains from the diet can make it difficult to meet energy requirements, especially for shorter periods of hard work.

The right energy supplement may also be considered for periods of fittening, increased workload, hot weather or travel when simply upping calorie intake is rarely appropriate or effective.

Nupafeed Staying Power is a unique, patented energy supplement for horses. It is designed to help your horse to make use of the energy in their diet and stored in their cells. Staying Power promotes lasting energy rather than fizz and also supports muscular and metabolic health, making it ideal for absolutely any horse that lacks energy.

Staying Power does not contain iron (which is rarely in short supply in equine diets) or carbohydrates/sugars (which are rarely appropriate for supplementation in horses).

Daily Energy for Horses

Our daily energy supplement, Staying Power Liquid, can be used every day to help your horse to work for longer and develop fitness. It also supports metabolic health (ideal for the good doer) and muscle recovery.

Instant Energy Boost for Horses

For ‘on the day’ needs, Staying Power is also available as a Concentrated Syringe. Staying Power Syringes can be used as an instant energy boost for competition and training.


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