Claire Ollerton

“Feel I need to post a review in regards to my recent experience using Nupafeed.

For the past 3 years my miniature schnauzer ‘Oscar’ has been our little baby, he’s such a beautiful pleasant natured dog.

In June I gave birth to a baby of my own, at first when I bought my baby home Oscar was fine, but the past 7 weeks have been painfully hard.

Oscar has been withdrawn, not eating properly, hiding away not coming to me and certainly wouldn’t go anywhere near the baby and worst of all frantically chewing at his paws, legs and scratching around his face! It’s broke my heart seeing this.

At first, I thought he was unwell had him checked by the vets but he was given a clean bill of health. Then I realised that every time I picked up my baby or the baby made a noise Oscar would start biting! I realised it was the baby causing Oscar to be stressed.

I’ve been at my wit’s end tried thunder jackets and other methods which have had no effect.

Last Saturday I started Oscar on Nupafeed Stress-Less after a recommendation from Oscars groomer. Well I’ve finally had a breakthrough since Tuesday oscar has not bitten or scratched … he’s back sleeping in our room and he’s started eating properly and biggest breakthrough yesterday he’s approached me with the baby and Evan offered his paw!!

I truly believe that this is all down to Nupafeed. and would recommend this to anyone struggling with a stressed dog to try this product. It’s really helped our little family become one again.”


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