Rebecca Fletcher

“I’m just emailing to say how much I love your product! I had a 4 year old who was extremely tense and we had a lot of problems schooling at home and out and about! She’s rising 5 and since starting her on your magnesium calming products the difference is unbelievable. I have had absolutely no bother with her, she happily hacks… way less spooky, I can school her in the arena she’s extremely relaxed and has come on tons in her flatwork progress! She’s like a different horse!

I recently started another pony on my yard on it also, the difference in her also is unbelievable! She’s extremely relaxed especially for her as she can be super buzzy and hard to get relaxed work out of her. Now they are both on it for the event season we’re super excited for it to start! Thank u so much…”



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“I find Nupafeed MAH Liquid Calmer very beneficial in the management of stressful behaviour and muscle tension. I’d recommend it to anyone.”