Rebecca Stalham

“I can honestly say this product has changed my Mare’s life! I have a 5yo Irish Sport Horse who not only suffers with anxiety but also finds it really challenging to connect. Whenever we did get connection we would only get a few steps before she would throw her toys out of the pram and would have tantrum by way of kicking out and bucking. She was repeatedly checked by Vets/Physio’s/Chiro’s and Saddlers and no one could find anything wrong, but the problem was getting worse and she was becoming impossible to school. Following my own research into magnesium, I decided to give this a go. Within 5 days she had gone from kicking out & bucking every 3 trot steps to only kicking once in a 1 hour hack. I then took her into the school for the first time in 5 months expecting her to be terrible….she did one kick in 45 mins. Since then we have continued to improve and I have found her level of what she needs to stop her tantrums. She is focused and trying hard. I now have the confidence to canter and even gallop her! I’m not naïve enough to believe there isn’t another underlying cause to the tantrums, but at least I now have a sensible calm horse I can work with and therefore be able to truly understand what’s going on. Without this product I would have remained on this roller coaster ride forever and I dread to think what the end result may have been. An AMAZING product for which I am eternally grateful 😊”


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