Trish Springate

“I have used MAH Calmer for 12 months with 100% success. 18 months ago, JJ suffered such bad facial sensitivity that I couldn’t even put a headcollar on him. Under saddle he was constantly shaking his head. I put him on the full loading amount of MAH Calmer for the required time and then managed to reduce it to 35ml per day which keeps him happy. He starts again if I drop him below 35ml a day. Game changer for him. Thank you.

So I then tried my 9 year Labrador on Flex GLM. She is normally on anti-inflammatories during the shooting season while working due to elbow injury – we are 1 month into shooting season, 1 month into feeding Flex GLM, and she is still sound, no anti-inflammatories fed, she would normally be limping by now! Awesome stuff! Can’t thank you enough, I’m actually stunned with the results!!”


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