Tackling Digestive Upset

Most horses will experience significant nutritional change with each season, leaving them susceptible to gastric and digestive upset.

Autumn usually brings with it a late flush of rich grass. Frosts can confound the problem by causing grass to store more sugar. Then, as winter approaches, grazing is often restricted (usually increasing hard feed) or you may switch from overnight to daytime turnout.

These changes destabilise the balance of healthy bacteria in the hindgut. Many horses will also be at increased risk of gastric stress as turnout is reduced, thereby reducing foraging.

Horses, like us, may also suffer slight intolerances in their diet which can be hard to pinpoint and eliminate. Stress is likely to contribute too. These factors ­irritate the gut lining and promote inflammation.


Complete Gastric, Digestive and Immune support

BSC-SeaBuckthorn is a unique plant extract that provides over 100 active bio-nutrients including Omegas -3 -6 -7 and -9, polyphenols, carotenoids, and oligosaccharides. It has long been used in traditional medicine and is known to support gastrointestinal health and immunity.

Gastric Support

SeaBuckthorn supports healing and encourages the natural mucosal lining which protects the stomach from its acidic contents. It has been shown to support gastric health in horses subjected to intermittent feeding.

Intestinal Support

The nutrients in SeaBuckthorn nourish the entire gastro-intestinal tract helping to support against inflammation and irritation.

Digestive Health

SeaBuckthorn is a highly effective prebiotic and is high in non-digestible fibres which help to bind mycotoxins. It works to stabilise the hindgut and improve digestive efficiency (helping your horse to gain maximum nutrition from the diet).

Immune Support

Reputed to have the highest anti-oxidant profile of any plant, SeaBuckthorn provides great support for the immune system and overall good health. The Latin name for the plant literally translates to ‘shining horse’; such was its fame for helping to revitalise tired war and work horses.

Trusted Source

We work with The British SeaBuckthorn Company (BSC) in order to ensure a quality, traceable product with high nutritional value.


Easy to feed

BSC-SeaBuckthorn combines the benefits of many formulated products into one palatable liquid supplement. It is free from banned substances and suitable for all horses and ponies, at rest or in competition, and can be fed alongside other supplements or medications.

For the past 9 months my 16 year old pure bred Arabian has had a truly serious problem with a runny tummy…. I had him on gut balancers and M&S special yogurt! My vet diagnosed Colitis and put him on steroids. I checked his feed in case anything had changed and he has been on charcoal. I tried everything I could think of but it just went on and on, nothing worked… I saw an ad for BSC-Seabuckthorn and decided to give it a try and woohoo it works! He’s been on it for three weeks and has been clean – maybe it is early days but for the first time in 9 months he’s had 3 weeks with no runs. He’s also getting his mojo back which is great as he’s been so lethargic, so out of character…

I will recommend anyone who’s having a similar problem trying BSC-Seabuckthorn, it certainly has helped my boy…

The people I spoke to at Nupafeed have been really helpful and are happy to chat about their product, they couldn’t have been nicer so many thanks to them.

Viv Coleman


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