The Best Calmer for your Horse this Spring

If your horse is feeling a little too bright this spring, you may be considering a horse calmer.

Many people will blame spring whizz on sugary grass; while this certainly won’t help, there is another explanation, and its one that the right horse calmer can address.

Spring Grass

The mineral composition of grass changes throughout the year. Most notably for your horse’s behaviour, magnesium is at its lowest in spring (you may not be surprised to discover that it typically peaks in August). This means that your horse’s dietary magnesium intake is usually significantly lower coming out of winter and throughout spring than it is during the rest of the year.

The effect of low magnesium content is notably compounded in spring by a significant peak in potassium (this is likely to be even greater if your grass is fertilised), which will hinder magnesium uptake, especially if combined with high calcium.

Magnesium and your Horse

Magnesium is an essential dietary component, meaning that it must be consumed through food; horses cannot make their own and cannot survive without it. The body has limited ability to store magnesium and to release it for short term needs; it relies on there being a continuous supply.

Magnesium is required for healthy muscle and nerve function, for cellular energy production and protein synthesis. Every single cell in your horse’s body is dependent on magnesium.

Magnesium Horse Calmers

If your horse has turned into a bit of monster this spring, why not first consider an ingredient that may truly be at the cause.

Magnesium is by far the most supported calming ingredient. It is known to provide essential support for optimum muscle and nerve function, especially during times of stress.

The vital importance of magnesium for horses means that it really does earn its place as calmer, and why it has not come and gone with the many gimmicks which seem to menace the equine supplement market.

Nupafeed MAH® Calmer

Our renowned calmer for horses uses patented M.A.H. magnesium. Developed for human medicine, MAH is simply the best magnesium you can give. Not only does it offer superior absorption (for the best results), it does not alter pH balance or hinder absorption of other nutrients.

MAH does not contain any drowsy ingredients; our goal is to support a healthy response to stress rather than forcing calm or introducing compounds at unnatural levels.

MAH is suitable for competition under all rules, including FEI. It is made according to Good Manufacturing Practice and every batch is tested to ensure labelling accuracy.


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