The Nupafeed Story

Nupafeed UK is a British, family-run company that supplies supplements with German quality and pharmaceutical expertise.

We were established in 2001 by founder, Sheila Noble. Sheila spent her younger years immersed in Racing and Show Jumping in Yorkshire before later settling in Hertfordshire. She went on to produce show horses and this is where our story began.

We first discovered Nupafeed when a mystery magnesium supplement was recommended to us by a respected team vet. He called it their magic liquid at the time; we now call it Nupafeed MAH! It was being used by international Event riders but was otherwise unheard of.

“We began using it with a particularly difficult Show Hunter that was not transitioning well out of racing. The difference was astounding, and people noticed. Soon after, Nupafeed UK was born.

Since then Nupafeed has grown and grown. It now includes three unique product lines, an equivalent dog range and distributors worldwide.

All of our team have an equestrian upbringing with extensive experience with horses in all disciplines and at all levels of competition.

The Nupafeed Brand

Watch drone footage of the Verla-Pharm factory

Nupafeed supplements are produced by Verla-Pharm, a pharmaceutical company based in Tutzing, Germany. Verla was established in 1949 by the passionate fifth-generation pharmacist, H.G. von Ehrlich.

Following two World Wars, the effect of severe stress on the human body was only too apparent. It was this that motivated the company to focus upon magnesium research. Magnesium Verla was launched in 1957 and remains a market leader today.

Verla-Pharm has been similarly innovative in the Equine industry, with Nupafeed having been used by international riders for over 30 years. And its not just magnesium; Verla also produced the first equine Green Lipped Mussel supplement in Europe.

All Nupafeed products are produced at the pharmaceutical laboratories in Tutzing, under highly controlled conditions according to Good Manufacturing Practice.

From the outset, Verla-Pharm has also been committed to ensuring sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacture and is certified by the EU Eco-Management and Audit scheme.