acial Nerve Support for Horses

Effective Support for Facial Sensitivity

Nupafeed MAH® Liquid is a superior magnesium supplement that can provide effective support for your horse’s facial nerve comfort, whether their trigger is seasonal or experienced all year round.

Crucially, magnesium supplementation is supported by up-to-date research. Because horses commonly experience facial sensitivity seasonally, particularly in spring, it has often been assumed that the cause is simply a pollen allergy. This is no longer considered to be the case and supplements targeting allergy have been shown only to have a placebo effect on the owner.

In order to help your horse the goal should be to support healthy nerve function, whilst employing good management to avoid the triggers such as pollen, bright light and midges. This is where MAH Liquid can help.

Magnesium is an essential nutrient, required by every cell in the body. It is especially important for a healthy nervous system. Magnesium helps to manage nerve receptors by preventing unwanted signals. When dietary magnesium is insufficient, these receptors cannot be managed appropriately.

Ensuring plentiful dietary magnesium is essential to support healthy nerve function, thereby supporting normal nerve activity and facial comfort.

Nupafeed MAH® Liquid is a patent-protected magnesium supplement for horses. Originally developed for human medicine, MAH® provides the best possible magnesium absorption (critical for magnesium to be effective) without disrupting pH or nutrient absorption. We do not include any other additives, allowing you to safely adjust the feeding level to meet the needs of your horse.


Nupafeed MAH Horse Calmer Magnesium Liquid

Note: We call MAH a ‘horse calmer’ simply because this is what most customers are looking for. Actually it is a superior magnesium supplement that has many uses and absolutely no drowsy ingredients.

Joanna Holland

Lorna Flanagan

“This is absolutely amazing stuff… For 4.5 years every year my mare would suffer with the pollen from April. We had to change her routine to either early morning rides or evening with a full ride on mask. Her muzzle was tender and all she wanted to do is rub it against the ground. When walking up even when not ridden she would be constantly nodding her head.

Why haven’t I heard about you 4 years ago? You literally changed my mare within few days of using it!! After 1 day she already showed improvement. After 3 days such a happy mare again. And I have tried literally everything too, from supplements., antihistamines, vaseline in and around nostrils, local honey, normal magnesium… You name it we tried it over the 4.5years I had her.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“I just wanted to drop you a message to say how fantastic your MAH Calmer is. My horse began tossing his head really badly in September.  My vet was worried that he was still having problems despite treatments. We put him on your calmer 6 weeks ago and not one sign since – it has been a literal lifesaver for him so thank you so much!”

Additional Immune Support

If you wish to provide additional immune support, take a look at BSC-SeaBuckthorn. This natural plant extract provides a far greater nutrient profile than any formulated supplement. It is thought to have the highest anti-oxidant profile of any plant and also contains Omega -3 -6 -7 and -9. These nutrients are utilised throughout the body, helping to support the health of every cell including nerve and immune cells.


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