As winter closes in most of us will be forced to stable our horses for longer than we’d like. If you’re struggling with a sensitive horse and/or limited management options, there are a few things that we can help you with.

Our supplements are produced to the highest possible standard, recommended by numerous professional riders and vets, and come supplied with two decades worth of experience in the industry.

Stressful Behaviour

Winter can be a bit of a nightmare if your horse copes poorly with being stabled. Riding and handling can become tricky, and the impact on your horse’s welfare is clear.

Nupafeed Calmer for Stabled Horses

Nupafeed MAH® Calmer can help! The patent-protected magnesium formula supports your horse’s ability to manage stress, helping them to stay settled without using drowsy additives.

MAH® is the ideal calmer for horses that are generally stressful or sharp, box walkers, adjusting to a new yard, box rest etc.

Tummy Troubles

Stabling is a major factor associated with gastric ulcers. As foraging is limited, horses eat more intermittently. More time spent without food allows gastric acidity to increase. Stress is often a confounding factor that can weaken the stomach’s natural barrier.

BSC-Gastro Liquid supplement for Gastric Ulcers

BSC-Gastro is a highly complex, natural supplement designed for the long-term management of sensitive horses. It soothes and protects by nourishing the stomach lining to support healing and natural mucosal defence. It also benefits the hindgut, working throughout the digestive tract and providing prebiotic nutrients for digestive health.

BSC-Gastro is a highly palatable, liquid supplement ideal for feeding every day.

Stiff Joints & Filling Legs

It’s one of the most common problems we get over winter and one many of us will sympathise with! Cold weather and limited movement will exacerbate joint complaints, causing horses to walk out stiff, hindering recovery from the wear of exercise, and making it difficult to clear fluid.

Flex GLM Joint Supplement for Stabled Horses

Nupafeed Flex GLM is the perfect supplement to support stiff and stressed joints. It contains the highest-grade Green Lipped Mussel, a complex natural extract that provides effective support against inflammation. Flex GLM contains 7g of this special extract in a basic daily measure for a 500Kg horse, far more than any other supplement.


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