feeding nupafeed mah magnesium for horses

MAH® Horse Calmer Feeding Information

You will receive full information and instructions with your first order and you can always contact us if you would like further advice, but this is some general information to help you when ordering.

MAH Liquid for Calming

It is usually easiest to add MAH to your horses daily feed, but it can also be given by oral syringe.

Most horses require an initial loading amount. The loading amount for a horse is 50ml three times daily or 75ml twice daily. Ponies require smaller amounts.

Most horses need between three and ten days on loading before they begin to settle. At this point you can begin to cut back to find a level which is right for your horse. This will vary from horse to horse as well as being dependant on size.

Maintenance level is approximately 5ml per 100kg, in other words 25ml for a 500Kg horse. Some horses require more.

Please note that the initial loading amount means that your first 1ltr will be used quickly. For this reason, we recommend the 3ltr which is more economical and may be required to ensure enough loading for sharper horses.

MAH Concentrated Syringes

MAH Calming Syinges can be used alone or in conjunction with the liquid.

When used alone, most horses require two syringes. One is given three hours before the onset of stress, the second is given an hour and a half before.

For some horses a single syringe is enough, but it is best to start with two syringes so that you have a good bench mark.

Horses on the liquid can be put back on the loading amount in the lead up to competition or time of stress. They then usually just need a single MAH Concentrated Syringe given an hour and a half before stress.

Small ponies can be given a half Syringe in place of a full.

MAH Liquid to Support the Metabolism

Feed MAH Liquid at a level of 5ml per 100kg bodyweight per day in addition to a fully balanced diet. During problem times, this level can be fed twice daily.

Give with the usual daily feed - ideally splitting the total amount into morning and evening. For ponies receiving no feed at all, you can give MAH by oral syringe or even dilute it with water and add to hay.

Nupafeed MAH will not cause lethargy in ponies that do not have behavioural issues.

Nupafeed MAH can be given alongside medications such as ACP and Bute. If you have any concerns always consult your vet.

MAH Liquid to Support the Facial Nerves

Start with the loading amount as normal and see how you get on, once you have seen an improvement you can cut back to find a daily level that suits.

It is usually best to continue to give MAH twice daily, but you may wish to give more in the morning before riding.

Be advised that these horses typically need to be maintained on a higher daily feeding level, but you should find that you can vary the amount that they get, reducing during more problem free conditions. Some horses can be taken off MAH over the winter or a problem free season.


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