Omega Supplements for Horses

Omega Supplements for Horses

Omega supplements for horses are the go-to for owners looking to support good health. Most often, omega supplements are used to support against immune and inflammatory responses associated with allergy or joint discomfort. They may also be useful in supporting gastric health, glucose metabolism, performance and stallion fertility.

Omega oils are long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). This term refers to their chemistry and means that they contain double bonds. Omega-3 has a double bond on the third carbon, omega-6 on the sixth carbon etc.

Although each type of Omega will act differently, generally they are incorporated into cell membranes and are important for cell function and signalling, which explains their widespread benefit.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 are considered essential, meaning that they must be present in the diet. Some supplements for horses will contain Omega-7 and Omega-9, these are more difficult to source but very useful in supporting healing and good health.

Omega-3 for Horses

ALA is the most basic form of Omega-3 and is the form that you will find in plant-based supplements. Your horse uses ALA to synthesise the more active, longer chained Omega-3s, DHA and EPA. However, supplementing plant-based Omega-3 is unlikely to significantly increase your horse’s DHA and EPA levels.

Marine sources of Omega-3 are more beneficial because they provide these longer chain compounds. Fish oils and algae are often used as more economical sources, but the best Omega-3 for horses comes from Green Lipped Mussel. This not only provides EPA and DHA, but also ETA which gives the best support against inflammation.

Our Omega Supplements

Omega oils form an integral part of our health supplements for horses. All Nupafeed supplements are made using the highest quality ingredients and are free from banned substances in accordance with the FEI.

Nupafeed Flex GLM

Omega-3 Supplement for Joints and Muscles

Flex GLM uses the highest quality green lipped mussel, and more than any other supplement, combined with high levels of anti-oxidant Vitamin E and Selenium for joint and muscle recovery.

Green Lipped Mussel provides the best Omega-3 for supporting against inflammation along with glycosaminoglycan compounds that make it especially useful for maintaining joints.

Flex GLM is a pelleted supplement; this helps to protect the delicate Omega-3 from oxidation and ensures consistent delivery of selenium throughout the tub.


Omega, anti-oxidant and prebiotic supplement for a top-to-toe boost

Sea buckthorn is the plant that the ancient Greeks named “horse that shines”. Its berries contain over 190 active nutrients including Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9, it is thought to have the highest anti-oxidant profile of any plant and is also a highly effective prebiotic.

SeaBuckthorn nourishes the mucosal membranes that line the stomach, gut and respiratory tract. It supports gastric and digestive health, immunity, skin and coat.

We work with the British Seabuckthorn Company (BSC) in order to ensure a fresh, traceable product. This is essential to make sure that your horse receives the nutrients for which the plant is famed.


Concentrated gastric and digestive supplement

SeaBuckthorn has been shown to support gastric health in horses subject to food deprivation. So we started here and made the most comprehensive, natural supplement we could.

BSC-Gastro is based on the SeaBuckthorn original formula but with added pulp, seed and leaf extracts to increase the omega and anti-oxidant concentration, apple pectin, grape seed, liquorice root and black cumin.

BSC-Gastro supports healing of the gastric and digestive lining, encourages the natural mucosal coating and also aids hindgut digestion and stability, all in one highly palatable, liquid formula.

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