Julie Robertson

“I was so over the moon with the results I received at dressage last weekend, I had to give you some feedback on your product.

2 weeks ago I went to a dressage comp with my 7 year old mare, we have tension issues and were struggling to get our regional points as the slightest thing created an explosive result. On this occasion we were in a really bad place, she was neurotic, we got 63.8% the main comment from the judge “started well but he didn’t half decide to take over”

I went home that day and ordered some Nupafeed MAH calmer as had been told by a friend it was good. The Nupafeed arrived on the Wed eve, I gave her the first dose on the Thurs morning, took her to a training session that night. The reaction to the Nupafeed was instant. She wasn’t obnoxious whilst getting ready to travel, she didn’t shake in the box, she stood and waited in the box when we got there, the riding was brilliant; we had such a good session I almost felt confident we would get our points on the Saturday.

We went to the dressage on the Sat and got our final remaining points and more 72.1% never has she had such a good score and the comments were all positive.I would like to thank you for such a wonderful product, I now feel with its help we can finally start to progress as it has shown that all the training to date has been solid, but the tension was blocking the results. She also no longer jumps at every little noise, her whole demeanour is so much calmer, which can only be better for her health.”


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