Stress-Less Calming for Dogs FAQ

Stress-Less Dog Calming – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I feed Stress-Less & what is the feeding rate?

Stress-Less is available as tablets or as liquid. Both are best fed directly into the mouth, but can also be given with food.

The basic feeding rate is 1ml or 1 tablet per 10Kg bodyweight of dog. It is advisable to start with a half amount for the first two or three days. A double amount can be fed ahead of especially stressful situations.

Feeding regime varies depending on the nature of your problem and each individual dog. You will receive full feeding advice with your first order and you can contact us at any time.


Q. Which is better for my dog; tablets or liquid?

For dogs under 10Kg we recommend the liquid because it can be easily measured in tiny amounts.

Otherwise you should choose whichever you feel would be easiest to feed. The tablets have a ridge down the middle so they can be split in half. The liquid comes with a syringe which you can use for administration directly into the mouth.


Q. What is MAH®?

MAH stands for Magnesium-L-aspartate hydrochloride, the active ingredient in Stress-Less. It is a patented magnesium compound that has been developed for superior magnesium absorption, without pH disruption.


Q. Will Stress-Less compromise my dogs performance?

Stress-Less does not contain valerian, L-tryptophan or any other potentially drowsy ingredients. Magnesium is an essential nutrient and efficiently regulated through urinal excretion, so it will not compromise your dog’s performance.


Q. How long does Stress-Less take to work?

For generally stressful dogs, it usually takes around a week. If you do not see an improvement after this time you can increase the feeding level.

Stress-Less can also be used for shorter periods such as competition or fireworks.


Q. Can I give my dog too much Stress-Less?

Stress-Less is very safe to feed but magnesium attracts water in the gut; excesses can result in loose stools.


Q. Can I give Stress-Less with other supplements or veterinary medication?

Magnesium can reduce the absorption of some anti-biotics, it is therefore best to feed them at least two hours apart.

There are no other known interactions, Stress-Less is generally very safe and can be used alongside other supplements.


Q. How long can I give Stress-Less for?

As long as you need to, permanently if necessary although most dogs improve with time allowing you to reduce the feeding rate and eventually stop using it.


Q. Are there any contraindications for use?

You should not feed Stress-Less to a dog that may be suffering from struvite stones, or if they are susceptible to struvite stones and recurrent urinary tract infections.

Stress-Less should not be used with dogs that suffer renal insufficiency as the kidneys are responsible for regulating blood magnesium. Always consult your vet if unsure.


Q. Can Stress-Less help with constant barking?

Often, yes. It just depends on the reason for the barking. If it is a stress behaviour the Stress-Less usually helps.


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