Horse Supplement Reviews

acial Nerve Support for Horses

Effective Support for Facial Sensitivity

Nupafeed MAH® Liquid is a superior magnesium supplement that can provide effective support for your horse’s facial nerve comfort, whether their trigger is seasonal or experienced all year round. Crucially, magnesium supplementation is supported by up-to-date research. Because horses commonly […]

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Choosing the Best Horse Calmer

Finding the best horse calmer can seem like a minefield. There are many calming ingredients (often listed under different names), a variance in quality, and what is best for one horse may not work for another. A basic understanding of […]

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Competitions are Back!!!

Whether you’re sticking to training or getting straight out there, we’re here to help you make the most of this short competition season. Produced to an uncompromising standard, trusted by professionals and recommended by vets, Nupafeed supplements have a solution […]

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Headshaking in Horses

Headshaking in horses may also be referred to as equine headshaking syndrome, idiopathic headshaking or trigeminal-mediated headshaking. It is characterised by abnormal jerky movements of the horses head, usually in an upward/downward motion. This is often accompanied by lip movements, […]

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Fight or Flight Stress Response

Stress: the Ying and Yang of Magnesium and Calcium

Day to day life can expose your dog to a multitude of stress triggers, but in most cases the ‘fight or flight’ response is counterproductive and may result in a number of behavioural difficulties. Stress comes in many forms, from […]

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keep calm horse calmer nupafeed piggy french

Keep Calm with MAH® Horse Calmer

Having problems with a new, young or generally sharp, spooky horse? Keep Calm - we’re here to help! Nupafeed MAH Horse Calmer is our renowned calming supplement that can be used for horses at home and in competition. Trusted by […]

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Ben Maher_Don VIto_LGTC_Horse Calmer_Nupafeed

3 Wins in Paris for Ben Maher!

Sightseeing on the fly! And Ben Maher really was flying in Paris with three wins over two days. For anyone who is not familiar, the Longines Global Champions Tour is simply the F1 of showjumping. Elite riders travel to the […]

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Finding the Best Calmer for your Spooky Horse

Are you riding a nervous horse? You’re not alone! Why do horses spook and what can you do about it?Best practice for a calmer, less-nervous horse is certainly dependant on the horse and the situation. Firstly, it’s worth considering why […]

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